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09:43am 13/03/2008


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03:34am 21/02/2007

Buy it when it comes out.  It's a good one.


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Clutch's BBC session 
06:36pm 30/11/2006
  Does anyone still look here anymore?

I have some half-decent recordings of Clutch's recent session on the BBC Radio 1 Rock Show. I was planning to record it directly off the radio... only in light of what day it was, I went out drinking instead and missed it. Still, it was available on the Radio 1 website as a stream. Trying to record it direct to Minidisc failed horribly as the sound quality flicked occasionally between FM radio quality and a telephone call from Equatorial Guinea. However, I found a way to download the stream (irritatingly, 32 kb/s Real Audio), convert it to WAV, carve it up into the relevant bits and re-compress it.

The tracks available are Electric Worry and Shiny Cadillackness (new tracks), Politician (a Cream cover) and the old favourite Cypress Grove.

What you can get here is either the entire Clutch-related bits of the show, complete with prattling DJ (who's a bit of a tool, and sounds just like the parody pirate DJ from Grand Theft Auto: London 1969), or there's a ZIP file of just the tracks. To preserve what sound quality remains, these have been encoded as Q4 Ogg Vorbis files - nominally 128 kb/s, but have turned out at 96 kb/s presumably because of the limited bitrate of the original Real Audio file.

This session has been put up on the net by a couple of members of the pro-rock.com forums, but these were both produced by playing the stream and recording the output from the sound card. Both versions complain of M$N messenger "dings" interrupting the track. Seriously, why couldn't they just have turned the messenger off while recording? Gah. I certify that the individual files are totally free of any outside noises, and the full-version-with-DJ should be as well.

The following links will certainly be active for the whole of December, and most likely until I need to take the whole lot down to free up a bit more space on the site.

For the full-DJ-version, which includes the four tracks in the order they were played on the show: go here.

For the ZIP file with the individual tracks: go here.

Alles klar, Justin?

Crossposted to metal_community.

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07:37pm 03/10/2006

Friday, October 20th at The Backstage Lounge in Gainesville, FL
with The Vinyl, Mama Trish and Sleepin Dogz
18 and up welcome, $5 9pm
1315 S. Main Street
Gainesville, Florida 32601

Saturday, October 21st at Ground Zero in Spartanburg, SC
18 and up welcome, $5 8:30pm
3059 Howard Street
Spartanburg, South Carolina 29303

Sunday, October 22nd at The Hideaway in Johnson City, TN
18 and up welcome, $5 8:30pm
235 E. Main Street
Johnson City, Tennessee 37604

Tuesday, October 24th at Doc's Show Bar in Cincinnati, OH
18 and up welcome, $5 8pm
469 OLD SR 74 Cincinnati-Batavia Pike
Cincinnati, Ohio 45201

Wednesday, October 25th at Otto's Niteclub and Underground in Dekalb, IL
with Blue Razor Rust
18 and up welcome, FREE SHOW!! 8pm
118 East Lincoln Highway
Dekalb, Illinois 60115

Thursday, October 26th at Crossroads Concert Club in Akron, OH
18 and up welcome, $5, 8pm
153 Cuyahoga Falls Blvd.
Akron, Ohio 44310

Friday, October 27th at Blondeshell's in Silver Spring, MD
ALL AGES, $5, 7:30pm
12710 Littleton St.
Silver Spring, Maryland 20906

Saturday, October 28th: CABIN KEGGER OF DOOM 2 in Leesburg, VA
with Abdullah, EARTHRIDE, Rue, Unorthodox, Ol' Scratch, OSSM, Admiral Browning and Lord
ALL AGES, $10, 2pm
13261 Wilt Store Road
Leesburg, VA 20176

Add our tour's official myspace page

If you're in the area come out and show some support for us. We'll be supporting our new album, "How Satan Stole My Heart", on Von Skull Records and we'll have new tshirts, a new stage setup and some other crazy suprises as well.
It's definitely going to be a show worth seeing.
Come up and talk to us and hang out with us. We love seeing friendly faces on the road.
See you all there.

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03:31pm 29/07/2005
mood: complacent
I bought the new Nile a few weeks back and I fucking love it.

I went to see the Sounds of the Underground tour last weekend and I must say...the bands I thought were going to be amazing, were! Strapping Young Lad, Clutch, Gwar....amazing. Opeth were boring me but Gene Hoglan drummed for them, so that made them tolerable to watch. That guy is fucking amazing. It was WAY too hot..about 103... to do anything but sweat the whole time. I got some neat stuff. I got the new Clutch cd(autographed), a Clutch girlie shirt, the new SYL cd (god damned amazing) and a SYL tank top.

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burning beard video 
07:08pm 26/07/2005
mood: happy

save target as.

fuck yeah.

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03:59am 24/06/2005
mood: bouncy
Clutch rules! Rednecks, robots, loud guitars, and a handful of illegal psychoactive chemicals! What honestly could be better than that? Also, "Mercury" is one of the best fuckin' album openers in rock history, 'nuff said.

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04:39pm 20/06/2005
  robot hive/exodus is comin' out tomorrow. Y'all go out and buy it. It's good.  

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09:27pm 23/05/2005
  hello, i am a relatively new clutch fan. i absolutely adore this band. anycrap, i am looking for a song and i can't find it. it is a bonus track off of elephant riders entitled "05". my aol sn is thekinkyferret, if someone could find it in their heart to send it to me, i would be eternally grateful.

oh, and there is a sample off of their brand new album at pro-rock. kick ass.

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11:54am 21/05/2005
  wooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo....New Album and I get to see them with Gwar!!!!!!! RAD!  

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10:15pm 17/05/2005
mood: blank
Well, if it isn't a clutch community.

perousing through the communities searching for one about clutch has finally payed off. I suppose this means I have to join it, considering that I may well be the only one in Michigan representin' for Clutch. If not, I don't give a fuck, considering that I know for a fact I'm just too lazy to look.

But, eh, rock on!

Hey kids, are you going my way?
Hop in, we'll have ourselves a field day.

Man, I love this band. Awesome lyrics. I take it someone (at least) is going to go see them headline at Sounds of the Underground with Lamb of God, right? If so, is anyone going to the Pontiac MI show? Just wanted to know.

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fucking awesome 
09:56pm 09/04/2005
  i am so stoaked to find this community...my brother got me into clutch when i was 9...i've never been to any of their shows because sadly, i am too young...but i plan on going to one very soon...  

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09:46pm 04/04/2005
  Less then a month away and I'll finally be seeing Clutch again.

and the news from JP on pro-rock.com if you haven't read it...

As for the album, things are looking very good. The drum tracks are all put down. The next couple days up here in Woodstock will be jam days. So far we have put down 15 tunes and a couple jams in about 4 days. I expect today and tomorrow should be just as fruitful. We begin overdubs next week. The album is to be delivered to DRT in April for a July/August release date. No titles as of yet. It seems the tunes are heavier and bit more "out there" than Blast Tyrant.

The DVD is coming together. The Flint show is cut and looks raw! We have our director/editor friend Marco out here filming a good bit of "in the studio" type stuff. This thing is completely homegrown and self financed. It’s slow going, but we are confident the end result will be very cool indeed.

We look forward to putting these projects to rest and hitting the road.

OK, my friends. Back to work!


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02:06pm 05/12/2004
  does anyone know who did the artwork for the cover on blast tyrant??  

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04:08pm 22/10/2004
mood: complacent
Is anyone going to see them on October 23rd in San Bernardino at Dirt Riot 2? I want to go, but I have to work.

I <3 this song:

(Demo Version)

For Thanksgiving we had tatas, succotash, and rutabagas.
Then came turkey from the oven, broke the wishbone, covenants were sealed and set.

In the morning fish fell from the sky. I would not tell a lie to you.
And the black snakes, they turned to rainbow hues. They sprouted wings and flew up to the Moon.

The weather cock, he tumbled down from the roof,
He announced that the black snakes were especially rude.
"Now I got no place to call my home!"
With a shrug he turned around and headed down the road.

On the losing end of a wishbone, and I won't pretend not to mind.

Christmas Eve we ate at Aunty's.
We had some ham glazed with honey.
Rolled the Yule log on the fire, threw the ham bone to the dogs and went to bed.

In the morning the weather cock returned to share what he had learned from the Earth.
"It is a round place with deserts and oceans, housing as many winds as one might wish!"
We was standing by the gate.
He said, "Oh my, it's getting late!"
Then he took off flying to the south, with a black snake in his mouth.

You can shake it, break it, or glue it whole, no two ways about it with a broke wishbone
Shake it, break it, or glue it whole, no two ways about it with a broke wishbone

For St. Patrick's we had cabbage, corn beef stew, egg salad sandwich.
Then came whiskey from the basement.
Danced all night into the dawn and held our heads.

In the morning the worms attacked the town, St. Patrick came on down and prayed.
He expelled them into the Netherworld, and they were never heard from again.

The weather cock returned to roost on top of the roof.
"The April winds are near," he said, "I fear they are cruel.
But I'll let ya know which way they blow."
He looked above and said, "Oh no, the comet has come."

On the losing end of a wishbone, and I won't pretend not to mind
On the losing end of a wishbone, and I won't pretend not to mind

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A new post for a dead community... 
11:03am 10/08/2004
mood: tired
I went to my very first (and most definately not my last) Clutch show at the House of Blues in New Orleans last night. It was everything I hoped for.

I'm a relatively new fan of Clutch. I was first introduced to them about a year and a half ago by a friend of mine via mix CDs and constant rotation on his car stereo. I didn't really get into them until Blast Tyrant came out. I bought the album and fell in love with it... and have since done so with as many Clutch albums as my income will allow.

So when I found out that Clutch was going to be in NOLA, I called my friend Will and told him we were going. (Sort of.)

The two of us ended up sitting in the balcony because Will is missing a bit of his foot at the moment. It turned out to be great seats. We could see the stage very well, but were weren't in the midst of the moshing and dancing and craziness so we were actually able to enjoy the show without getting stomped on. Next time, however, I will be down on the floor. It's hard to properly shake your booty when it's planted in a chair. (I tried. During Brazenhead. Didn't work out.)

They played two sets. I can't remember the exact setlists, but they played most of Blast Tyrant, quite a few from Pure Rock Fury and the self-titled album, and smatterings of everything else. I would rather have heard Pure Rock Fury than Red Horse Rainbows and Subtle Hustle than La Curandera, but the rest of the show left me with no reason to complain. Except for the slight altercation to the left of the stage. Brought the show to a halt (Quoth Neil: "Uh oh."). I think it was a fight, but security took care of it pretty quickly.

Actually seeing these guys live was amazing. Neil has the greatest facial expressions. One minute he's surveying his kingdom with an imperious glance, then he's scowling like he wants to eat your face, and suddenly he grins and points like a lounge singer. (And I have never, ever seen a drummer fly out of his seat the way JP Gaster does.)

And that is that. This Clutch n00b had an awesome time and can't wait to do it again.

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04:33pm 14/07/2004
  last night's show in arizona was fucking mind blowingly good.
so amazing.

and thats that.

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05:38pm 11/07/2004
mood: complacent
Finally,  I found a Clutch community.  I saw them last night.  Click here to see the pics I took this morning and the day before the show.

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Hey, whats up? 
10:45pm 11/05/2004
mood: bored
Hey Everybody, how's it going?

I went to the clutch show a couple weeks ago in Hartford CT. It was a damn good show! It started kinda early though wich sucked, but it was in the middle of the week, so whatever. But it definately was a good time and I recomend you all go to a show if they play near you!


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12:55am 08/05/2004
mood: crushed
Hi, I'm new to lj, and I was thrilled to find this community! I've only had the privilege to talk to Neil Fallon once, and I will never forget how sweet and down to earth he was.

I could kick myself for missing them this time around! I heard instead of having an opening band, Clutch minus Neil played the opening set! Then he joined them for a good 70 minutes, and just blew everyone away. I will never miss one of their shows again in WV! I'm upset just thinking about it...

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