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Clutch's BBC session

Does anyone still look here anymore?

I have some half-decent recordings of Clutch's recent session on the BBC Radio 1 Rock Show. I was planning to record it directly off the radio... only in light of what day it was, I went out drinking instead and missed it. Still, it was available on the Radio 1 website as a stream. Trying to record it direct to Minidisc failed horribly as the sound quality flicked occasionally between FM radio quality and a telephone call from Equatorial Guinea. However, I found a way to download the stream (irritatingly, 32 kb/s Real Audio), convert it to WAV, carve it up into the relevant bits and re-compress it.

The tracks available are Electric Worry and Shiny Cadillackness (new tracks), Politician (a Cream cover) and the old favourite Cypress Grove.

What you can get here is either the entire Clutch-related bits of the show, complete with prattling DJ (who's a bit of a tool, and sounds just like the parody pirate DJ from Grand Theft Auto: London 1969), or there's a ZIP file of just the tracks. To preserve what sound quality remains, these have been encoded as Q4 Ogg Vorbis files - nominally 128 kb/s, but have turned out at 96 kb/s presumably because of the limited bitrate of the original Real Audio file.

This session has been put up on the net by a couple of members of the pro-rock.com forums, but these were both produced by playing the stream and recording the output from the sound card. Both versions complain of M$N messenger "dings" interrupting the track. Seriously, why couldn't they just have turned the messenger off while recording? Gah. I certify that the individual files are totally free of any outside noises, and the full-version-with-DJ should be as well.

The following links will certainly be active for the whole of December, and most likely until I need to take the whole lot down to free up a bit more space on the site.

For the full-DJ-version, which includes the four tracks in the order they were played on the show: go here.

For the ZIP file with the individual tracks: go here.

Alles klar, Justin?

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